Welcome to SibsBcn, a project born from the illusion of a trained and experienced team with the aim of making our guests enjoy the most authentic experience in both Barcelona and Cádiz.


We define ourselves as authentic and with soul, that's why we run away from clichés and stereotypes already defined. We don't all like the same places or want to see the same things, so we don't like generalized things.


For us each group, each guest, is unique. It has its tastes and needs, and we want to satisfy them by offering much more than a well located luxury accommodation. We want to go further. We want to meet them, know what brings them to our destinations and get them to enjoy their stay as an unforgettable experience.


We have the best locations in both Barcelona and Cádiz, we believe it is the only way to live the destination from the inside.

Our team does not haggle in the daily effort and together we manage to remain as a leading company in the sector.


Welcome to SibsBcn.


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